WEEK 3 – Hermes Project – Bethany Cribbs

October 10, 2017by bethanycribbsFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

Week 3: Week 3 is final shoot week so I have finalised a call sheet to give to both the models and to use for myself. It has all the information about the shoot and it also informs the models with anything they may need to bring. I found doing a call sheet was beneficial for me as I knew that everything was organised and the models knew what the exact plan was so we could get shooting straight away with no issues. I received a call sheet whilst doing my placement in Year 2 and found it very useful so wanted to incorporate it in my own practice. ‘Call Sheet: Shoot: Hermes Models: Eleni and Hally Location: The Royal Victoria & Bull Hotel Call time: 2pm Finish time: 7pm Photographer: Bethany Cribbs Styling: Bethany Cribbs Make-up: Hally Contact: 07840359063 Email: Bcribbs@students.ucreative.ac.uk’ I am focusing on getting my equipment sorted in preparation for the shoot. I also have been briefing the models again and checking they know exactly whats going on and answering any questions they might have. screen-shot-2017-10-06-at-01-01-10 I have also provided a posing mood-board for the models so they can find the shoot easier and know what I expect of them. I will bring a copy of this to the shoot for visual reminders, this helps me a lot as well as the models as I can refer back to it if I hit a wall during shooting.