Week 3: Shoot two.

October 11, 2017by ahuntExposureFashion Photo 2019Fashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

Finley Moore Height: 5’8 Waist: 28″ Shoe: 8 Emma Glazier Height: 5’7 Waist: 28″ Shoe: 6 I chose these models because they both have a traditional Asian look. They have both also modelled before and are strong in front of the camera. Emma will be the main focus with Finley arriving later, just because we believe she will create a stronger atmosphere and I don’t personally want to include any pictures of Finley alone within the editorial or the film. Call sheet & Scheduele Photographer: Alex Robert Hunt 07919400322/ Holly Miller 0785532600 Photo assist: Abigail Edwards 0736908128 Hair and MUA: Models own and Holly Miller. Talent: Finley Moore 0725609772 & Emma Glazier 0785669430 Meeting point: Rochester Train station, Kent Schedule: 26/09/17 11:00am: Meet at Rochester station 11:30am: Arrive at Location. Dress first look and begin makeup. 1:00pm: Sun is not to high up, begin shooting. 1:30pm: Record dancing 2:00pm: Dress for next look: makeup remains same. – Finley arrives. 2:30pm: Record dancing 3:00pm: Next Look 3:30pm: Record dancing 4:00pm: Next look 4:30pm: Record dancing 5:00pm: WRAP. Location: Acorn shipyard, (Burnt down building), Gas house road, Rochester. Sabayasachi Sabayasachi Mukherjee is an Indian born designer, since 1999 he has been using the label Sabyasachi to sell designer merchandise. Mukherjee is the youngest member of the Indian fashion council and has designed award winning costumes for many Bollywood movies. Sabyasachi’s is inspired by many some what unusual influences such as Gypsies, prostitutes, antique textiles and cultural traditions of his home town. Mukherjee believes that “clothes should just be an extension of one’s intellect”. The designer pioneers in Indian culture and only uses Indian textiles to create his modern designs, he describes his own collections as “an International styling with an Indian soul”. I love this about his collections because his designs are beautifully traditional however have a modern, international twist which I believe could compliment my styling for this project. I mainly used his resort 2015 collection as inspiration for my styling. Evaluation The way in which we structured and organised the shoot was pretty much the same as when we did the first shoot. We started shooting at 1pm which again, complimented our styling and makeup looks. The only thing that happened differently was that Finley- the male model In the shoot, arrived 2 hours after the female model however this worked out better for us because our main focus was the female model, just because only having one male within the shoot could look incoherent. The styling we had chosen was mainly inspired by Sabyasachi, we somewhat westernised the styling by adding fishnets to compliment the metal frame location however the traditional jewellery, crop tops and headscarf really emulated our Indian theme. This shoot, styling wise was a lot more subtle than the African shoot however, we chose to this because we wanted the jewellery to stand out because of its traditional value. When filming within this shoot we struggled, like I said in the evaluation for the previous shoot, I had danced with the two black girls before and knew they could dance before I cast them however I did not know this about the two Asian models. Both Asian models could dance however not how we wanted them to, on shoot day we came up with a basic sequence for them to follow, however they struggled to freestyle dance as well as the two black girls, the sequence I made for them allowed us to have a secure piece of dance that we knew we could use however, next time I would definitely go through the dance with the models at least a week before the shoot so they had time to practice and perfect it. Overall, we are really happy with the images and footage we got, we are more happy with the images and now know how to perfect the footage. We are confident that after editing the two shoots are going to compliment each other well to create a coherent editorial.