WEEK 4 – Hermes Project – Bethany Cribbs

October 10, 2017by bethanycribbsFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

Week 4: Evaluation – hermes-editorial-a35 hermes-3 hermes-editorial-a3 hermes-editorial-a3-2 Above our my final editorial layouts, Overall the shoot went well, I was organised and everything went to plan with models, location, styling and props. The models worked well together and although posing proved difficult for them I still managed to get nice paragraphs of them. Whilst shooting I realised that less is more in terms of posing as I didn’t want to distract from the scarf but I feel my photographs could have been stronger if I had access to professional models, due to the time scale I wasn’t able to do this. I wanted to know I was definitely going to have two models turn up and to do this I had to go with people from the university. I wanted to direct the model to be quite natural and I think the models did that justice. I feel the brief was met with my photographs, I acquired another scarf from my classmates as I found that my styling ideas went better with the colours in their scarf, I used this one the most and used the other one as an accessory to show how the scarf can be worn in different ways. I used a variety of different equipment as it allowed me to shoot a lot of material, I used a Mamiya RZ and a Pentax K1000 and also used a Canon 5D for the promotional film. This worked in my favour but also made the process of the shoot quite confusing so next time I will use one camera only for pictures. I used film for my photos as I feel the film look/quality would work well in my location and especially my vintage styling and theme. Finding the location proved quite difficult even though it worked out in the end. I knew I definitely wanted to use a location as I wanted to test myself rather than just using the studio, I wanted my work to have a theme and concept rather than it just being a styling shoot. When I was looking at local hotels I thought it would be easy to find a old fashioned looking hotel in an Historic town like Rochester but it wasn’t so easy. I think I underestimated the time we had for this project and how easy planning the shoot was going to be. In the end the hotel room I found worked well for my shoot, there was a big bed and big windows letting a lot of natural light which really worked for my photos. Definitely with more money I would have loved to find a bigger hotel which had a more expensive feel to it with interesting wallpaper and warm lighting but because this wasn’t doable I wanted to translate that in my styling by the use of velvet and 70s patterns. I definitely feel like I gave myself a lot to do which would have been realistic without having the money. Overall for my editorial I am happy with the outcomes, even though the project was a challenge for me having to take pictures as well as a promotional video. I was used to making a video with another person but I felt I learnt new skills that made my video strong.
Above is a link to my promotional film for this project. I took main inspiration from a promotional video for a Topshop collection (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69CO5FBAO7c). I noticed some of the shots were made to look like Super 8 film so I wanted to create a similar cinematic style but because I didn’t want to risk using actual film I wanted to test my skills in premiere pro and try and create the same effect digitally. I feel as though my film would be stronger if it were actually shot in super 8 but knowing the time scale I decided against it. My film for me came together due to the editing but I don’t think I focused on the filming aspect as much as the photography when doing my shoot. Reflecting on my film now I feel as though I should have enabled time to do 1 days photographing and 1 day filming. Overall I am pleased with my film as it shows exactly what I wanted out of it and it promotes the scarf well which really is the main aim of this project. When thinking what I would do differently I would definitely reduce my equipment to make things easier for myself and organise a day with the models to go over posing. I wasn’t aware on the day how hard it would be to direct people that haven’t modelled before; I assumed they would just pick it up easily, I definitely think a posing workshop especially for my shoot would have benefitted me a lot and will definitely be something I try and do for my future shoots that I do with models who aren’t professional.