Week Four: Finals.

October 11, 2017by ahuntFashion Photo 2019Fashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

Evaluation I am so happy with how our editorial and our film looks, the styling, movement, makeup worked together really well, I am glad we considered every detail so much and that I had already been researching about black culture and the significant people within it for the past year, it really allowed me to explore my options and share these things with Holly and expand on it with her! I love our theme, I myself am mixed race and have many mixed-race family members and I suppose I wanted this theme to do it for myself and them. There was so much to research about that has happened over the years from Erykah Badu to Josephine Baker, Grace Jones, Solange Knowles, and more. The part of the project that I have found the most interesting is working with Holly Miller who had been doing research about Indian culture for the past year and the facts and knowledge that she already had was so helpful in our development, her research had meant that she was very knowledgeable in regards to traditional Indian wear and jewellery. Working in a team was so beneficial. If I was to re-do the project I would definitely work more with the Indian chorography, there are so many beautiful Indian dances and it would of been really interesting to actually learn and know them. I feel it could of given our film a little more depth. What I learnt this project is that I’m actually good at styling, in all of my other projects I have directed the way in which the styling was to go however I was never in full control, this time I was and I believe it paid off. We was influenced by so many things for this project, mainly Solange Knowles, Sabyasachi and Erykah Badu. Solange has been a huge inspiration in my work for the past year, her dedication to black culture is what originally pulled me in however I love her contemporary movements and how she uses beautiful locations in the back of her music videos, making them look free and sculptured, I took this forward into my own work and I believe it really worked. Sabayasachi was our main inspiration for the styling of our Indian inspired shoot, we really appreciated how he had taken traditional Indian wear and made it more grungy and international. We took this into our styling and it worked well, the looks worked well with the location and makeup and looked strong. The thing I enjoyed the most was dancing with the girls, teaching them choreography and working on it together, taking elements from Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Solange Knowles and combining them together to create contemporary dance. The most successful part of our project is definitely our film, the girls danced so well and it just gives off a really strong and positive atmosphere, which Is exactly what we wanted. One problem we encountered was the little amount of dance experience the Indian models had, if we was to do this again we would of spent more time learning traditional Indian dance so we could of included it in our film. Over all our project has been really fun and exciting and we have both been researching subjects that we thoroughly enjoy. I plan on using the research for the final major as I want to directly focus on Black culture and its traditions, this project has made me realise that culture is such a massive part of my work and I really want to carry on focusing on this because I believe it is constructing my work into being stronger and more diverse. FILA: THE CULTURE PROJECT File launched the culture project in 2017, the project brings together artists such as Ruchika Sachdva, Abha Lambah, and Ashish Shah, the list goes on to name many credible and famous creatives. They have all grouped together to create an experimental body of work all curated by Kshitij Kankaria. The whole idea behind it is to bring Fila, Indian culture and Indian fashion design closer to a younger audience. The brand is currently using the hastag ‘#ArtOfFila’ to showcase Indian artists by inviting them to create a piece where the subjects are wearing Fila clothing. This was to accompany the Fila Iconic launch on October 7th. Arists featured Bad Bitch illustrations and Graphic Designers SA. We were inspired by these collage’s created by the artists that are in the culture project, we created similar collage’s for our editorial. I feel like these will work well in our editorial, they bring a little bit more colour and edginess to the spread. Watch the full film here: