CSA – Tori Bartlett

October 2, 2017by toribartlettCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)Exposure


To start of my unit for Exposure I walked around Canterbury getting a feel for the area, and of course the different types of Architecture. Obviously the most iconic place in Canterbury is the cathedral. Attracting thousands of tourists every year, it is what makes Canterbury as popular as it is today. I stood back and took in the building amongst other beautiful, old traditional shops.

It was from these shots I realised that photographing in Canterbury wasn’t a strong aspect for me and actually photographing UCA Canterbury, would be a much more powerful source and demonstrate what I wanted to show.

I have been intrigued of capturing Architecture at the university in a unique way, but also mainly because for my future career plan, I am looking into teaching, the two combinations clearly link. I have envisioned shot’s I can create with equipment, chairs and corridors which highlight Architecture but could also represent aspects of a school environment.



Inspired by Liz Orton, I captured images of the lawn at the entrance of UCA Canterbury, in gradual sections to later collage together on photoshop. I experimented with this in mind, rather a lot around the campus to see what other outcomes I could get. For example, from different angles of the university, inside the architecture classrooms and corridors. This gave me many different aspects to explore.


However I still think this collage of the lawn was the most successful, as it provides many different features in the image, for example the building, the tree, the architecture sculptures and of course the lawn. Like Liz Orton, the collage technique is similar, but not identical, therefore not as successful, as I feel the round collage effect is stronger, and more eye catching to viewers.


For my next experiments/shoots I plan to explore more styles of photo collage, and spend more time at the university capturing what is has to offer.