Jodie Hartland Exposure – Working Towards a Client Brief Post 1

October 11, 2017by jodiehartlandExposureFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)

  screen-shot-2017-09-24-at-15-34-45   My inspiration for the client brief is the Hermès silk scarf I got given and all of its graphic colours and shapes. As soon as I got the scarf I reseached different ways a it could be wore and photographed. contactsheet-005 contactsheet-006 contactsheet-0021 contactsheet-0031 contactsheet-0041 screen-shot-2017-09-24-at-15-34-53 In these images, I lit the face with a pink bulb to create the colourful hue, it did this because the scarf has a lot of pink tones in it. It worked well as a simply way to make the portraits look more unique. Even though the walls and skin were affected but the scarves colouring did not change much which make it standout. In editing these images, I selected the scarf and up the exposure slightly and I liked the how graphic it looked so I am going to keep this in mind when I finally edit my final images for the editorial. screen-shot-2017-09-24-at-15-35-21 screen-shot-2017-09-24-at-15-35-41 After the first test shoot I came to the concluion that the scarve speaks for itself in photographs and is striking within the frame compared to anything else. So for the editoral and fashion film the focus will be the scarve. The concept will souly be visual, abstract and loud to minic the scarf. Also the images that stood out to me in the test shoot are the scarf in movement, resulting in it physical becoming a graphic shape to the eye. screen-shot-2017-09-24-at-15-35-56 I did research into the Hermès brand and how they protray theirselves in the modern fashion world. I found it strange to see a contrast of stylies throught out my research of previous campaigns, some stick to the classic luxury life style concept and others have a more youthful and futuristic feel. Something that was consist was the theatrical sense of their promo fashion films. One that stood out for me was the film for their shoe collection which I have screen shoted above. I like this because of it use of block colours and shapes to create abstract shoots of the products. For our first pitch of ideas for the editorial, I presented my tests shots and initial reseach.  Within the presentation I showed the two main moodboards for the editoral.  The concept of the shoot is purely visual, bases around a silk Hermès scarf. The styling and poses asymmetrical to hopefully create graphic, loud and abstract images. I hope to have an editorial and a 30 second promo fashion film, portraying movement and a fun youthful vibe. I want to produce an editoral mixed between black and white images and bright block coloured images. With the black and white images I edit the scarf to stay coloured resulting in the scarf popping off the page. The coloured images will be one colour in all aspects of the frame apart from the scarf, having a the same affect. By keeping the styling slightly avant-garde, the shapes of the clothing with help the poses minic the graphic look of the scarf. screen-shot-2017-09-24-at-15-36-05-1 screen-shot-2017-09-24-at-15-36-14 Talking about my intentions with the brief with Olivia she gave suggestions, helping me define my shoot further. For example I orginally had in mind three models, one male and two female but she suggested just having one very strong male and a very strong looking female model would be more affective and I agreed. Developing my project I need to create a time plan, find a stylist, models and MUA..