Jodie Hartland Exposure – Working Towards a Client Brief Post 2 Development

October 11, 2017by jodiehartlandExposureFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)

  screen-shot-2017-09-24-at-15-36-05-1 screen-shot-2017-09-24-at-15-36-14   As the client based project continues my initial ideas are developing into a fully realised fashion editorial shoot. My two central mood boards have stayed the same, an editorial and film consisting of shape black and white image and bright playful coloured images, tied together by the reparation of the scarf, models and camera angles. screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-53-20 After the first pitch I found a photo-book with images of Issey Miyake garments, photographed by Irving Penn. I was taken in by the way the fashion and poses were able to create completely abstract shapes of the human body. This technique is something I will be  focusing on within my shoot, way to make the models shape look like a sculpture within the frame. Subtly echoing the striking shapes of the product. I will achieve this with the styling but the main way I am going to create cutting abstract shapes within the frame is with the use of quirky camera angles and poses/movements. screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-54-35 When creating the poses and angles mood board I realised I am attracted to shots that are looking up at the subject because it distorts the body, having visually powerful result as its a view point we rarely see in every day life. The poses will be very symmetrical, as my vision is developing the poses are become more flowy and dance like in order to create more interesting and unique shapes. On shoot day I will be making sure there is on going music to help the models into the motion and the feel of the shoot. screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-56-33 For the clothing I found graduate designer Eleanor Bandeys collection,  I was looking for a colourful avant-garde style garments with colouring blocked elements and this collection is perfect. I have full use of the collection but I may only use a few of the most shaped garments and even though it is all very colour I fell it may look good for the black and white images, giving them more texture and shape. screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-58-00 I also have got myself a stylist, Dominique Malisowska, a stylist that I have worked with previously during the fashion film unit. She was very reliable and come through with looks that were spot on to our vision and we would have never found by ourselves. I have shown Dominique the mood boards, call sheet, models sizing and everything that I was ideally want, “Location- uca Rochester studio 1 Team- an assistant and I Two models One female and one male The male sizes – S/m in shirts, 28/30 waist size 6/7 in shoes and 5 ft 7 Female model – S, 5.5/6 in shoes and 5 ft 2 Ideally I would like one full red look, full blue look to go with Eleanor’s blue blouses, full hot pink look (already has a hot pink fur gilet) and maybe a full yellow look. The whole shoot is inspired by a Hermès silk scarf and has to be shown in every shoot.” The images above are of the two garments I have already. I have given the task of finding the colour blocked looks to the stylist, as I was struggling to find fashionable looks by myself but the black and white images styling I will get which will just been any garments that can create unusual body shapes. screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-59-08 For the make up and hair I have got a MUA who is also going to be my assistance on the shoot, doing bits like tieing the scarf and having a second eye on the shots. I am capable  of the sorting out the studio and the studio lighting myself but I feel as there is a lot to think about on shoot day an assistance and make up artiest will be essential. For the make up I want it to be symmetrical and graphic but also not too dramatic it will draw all focus. I will be testing out this references and photographing them with the scarf before the shoot day to see which look works best. screen-shot-2017-09-27-at-19-57-45 Above is the link and screen shot of the official call-sheet that I send to all of the crew and talent. In my previous pitch I mentioned I wanted to involve three models but Olivia give helpful feedback and advise that when working with three models one will more often than not fall into the background. So scouted two very strong looking models, one male and one female (pictures above). Both are the opposite of each other in looks but I hope that will translate interestingly on camera!