Imogen Watt- Exposure- REMLA- Post 4.

October 11, 2017by imogenwattBA (Hons) Photography Yr 3ExposureRoyal Engineers Museum and Archive (17/18)

Imogen Watt Exposure REMLA Post 4. After creating the whole piece, I realised that once again I was not happy with some of the images in the timeline. (As seen in my previous post.) Due to this I returned to the archive one last time to search through and collect more images to replace the ones with which I wasn’t happy with.  After doing this, and having the day at the archive. I finally felt happy with the images that I had and created a timeline that was merged as seamlessly as possible and had found replacements for the two end images that did not fit the timeline. My first experiments contained images all the way from the early 1800’s, however in the archive, the only images from this era I could find were portraits, and after a trying to create a seamless montage with them, I realised that they didn’t work with the more recent field photography and they also didn’t demonstrate what the engineers were doing at that time due to them just being set up portraits. From this point, I decided to start my timeline from 1904, 100 years of Engineers. The timeline demonstrates the variety of work the engineers have done, from working in Kenya to Climbing Mount Everest. I wanted the timeline to be as seamless as possible, but with the terrains and environments being so different in each image, this was a challenge. I wanted to achieve the right combination between making the work as seamless as possible and showing off the changing environments they worked in. I think that this was achieved within my final piece. I believe that you can see the development through time and it is a clear demonstration of the ways the roles of the engineers have been so different over the years. I like the contrast between the images and how they go from environments such as Kenya, to the snow of Mount Everest and then to the dry terrain of Afghanistan to interior spaces as Engineers leave the QE2. The images also demonstrate the difference in the roles they have played, from carrying a wounded soldier, to bomb disposal and work of the frontline, the Royal Engineers are and always have been an important part in all aspects of the military. Throughout this project I have been looking at ways in which I can represent the Royal Engineers and the journey in which they have been on. I have created a piece that demonstrates their changing roles and jobs over the years. I have printed my piece two meters long and 40cm in height, this large scale was used in order to ensure that the audience can clearly see each aspect, and also due to the inspiration I took from large scale artist Luc Delahaye and Jeff Wall. For the exhibition, the print will be mounted and put on the back wall. This is where we believe it will be most effective and draw people in. Having its own wall and being between the other works, also demonstrates the aspect of the journey and makes the eye follow the images around the room.