Brad – CSA Weeks 1 & 2

October 10, 2017by bradCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)


Friday 15th of September, We had our unit briefing with Gabor Stark ( course leader for CSA ) I had already come up with several ideas regarding what I presumed the brief to be, based on talking with past 3rd years, and my interpretation of the Architecture course. Upon learning about the brief and following the tour given of the facilities I contemplated an idea focusing on the use of models that the 2nd year students had made ( Currently 3rd year students)

My first idea I planned to photograph structures modelled and created by students of the architecture course in a natural setting using a selection of camera techniques to put them in a state of realism.

I wanted to realise the structures in real life, to use certain techniques like using a strong depth of field to take away any context of the surroundings except for a vague sense of the location surrounding the structures. Even using a 5×4 camera in order to experiment with a selection of tilt shift effects to give a false sense of perception and size.

The test for my series was using a model designed by a second year student, who I spoke with this week about the design and her choices behind it, to get some context behind her work. The test was using a 5d MKiii and 24-105, in hind sight, I should have certainly gone for a long fixed focal lens, perhaps a, 80mm or 100mm. The test, in order to make the building appear real in the setting I chose was successful and I was happy with the result.

My only concern with the 5×4 is my time frame of which to finish this unit. It will occupy what I’ve estimated to be 4 days of my unit. 2 of which for shooting and 2 of which for scanning and editing and analysis of the images, This includes both the test shoot and final shoot.

Me and Gemma have currently been at Canterbury university 4 times since our initial visit for the briefing. We find the campus enjoyable and effective for us to be able to produce our work, the students and staff have all been very welcoming and helpful allowing us full access to the work spaces and equipment we may need to complete the unit.

I’ve spoken to several students about their work and even shown them a few camera techniques that wanted to know for their own work and workshops. Techniques such as long exposure photography and macro work, teaching them about the relationship between the shutter speed and aperture.

Above is an example of my test work for this concept and the featured image is another example.

For references I’ve looked at the work of Lewis Baltz and his series The New Industrial Parks near Irvine, California. In particular I’ve looked into the composition of his work in relation to the buildings in context to their surroundings. His main inspiration for these test images were his minimalist take on composition in relation to how he has been positioned accordingly.



I wanted to keep the aesthetic simple and minimal to tie in with the research I’ve done on Lewis Baltz.