Evaluation 4/4

October 11, 2017by micaelabarrionuevoCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)

After a short 4 weeks project and a very stressful one I will say as my first idea didn’t go as I imagine it would and it was something I felt more comfortable with and had a stronger concept it wasn’t something that my client wanted so I had to change it as we were working for him. Two weeks down the line of our project we all had presentations where we discussed as a group on how our process was going so far and all the ideas we had so far, most people I will say where confused in exactly what we needed to do but after having a long chat with a client and understanding better on what he actually wanted it made life easier for everyone. At first I decided to go around London and photograph the architecture of London as it’s somewhere where I live and walk past everyday of my life and look at the buildings and without those amazing buildings it wouldn’t be the place I was raced up on. I thought could be a good concept but after my first tutorial my tutor said it was a good idea but I needed to make it personal for our client to. So I thought I could go around Canterbury and photograph the history of Canterbury Architecture and how different they both where to each other. Two later I had a my first tutorial with our client and he told me he wanted images that will relate to the architecture of the university where the students studied. At the point I was very upset because I didn’t have much time to start planning something and start over. The next day I decided to come into the University and think of something that could interest me and him. Something that he will like and could hopefully put up around his University. I started researching many photographers and came across really interesting work. One of the images that really inspired me the most and is the mainly reason why I decided to do symmetric photography was by looking at one of the artist that his worked  was really similar to mine specially by that one image that interest me more then other ones, the whole rectangular perspective really gave me an idea, to look around the University and finding different areas of the room and trying to take that image to give the same perspective as Lucien Herve did in one of his series of images that really gave me my own idea. I like the way the Light around this image looked, the shadows and specially how the black and white gave it a more interesting look. unesco-62-28 screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-17-07-19 _dsc9628 Overall – I will say that this 4 weeks project was something really different to my actual interest in photography made me realise that not everyone that you work for, will always give you work that your mostly interest about if not in things that a client will like to see and will pay for something that will always have to stand out from other peoples work. It’s really Important to always research and have inspiration from other photographers out there but what makes it unique is what you do to make it YOURS. What makes your work stand out from other photographers. It has gave me more confidence to actually work with other people and accept and learn when something doesn’t go as you have planned. It’s really important to always have patience and have a back up plan or more then one idea incase the first one doesn’t go to plan. I think next time I will like more planning and more tutorials with my client to make sure everything I do he likes and agrees. I will like to improve more my confident in talking in front of others and always be confident with my work and concept because thats really important.  I will say my three final images I am really happy with I liked the way they looked and I started getting better at photoshop then the last 2 years which I can complain and I feel proud of. I would of liked more time so I could of took even more pictures but I felt like I didn’t have as much time since my first idea didn’t go to plan. Overall I’m still really happy with my final outcomes and hopefully I will get really good feedback from my tutor and client.