Build up to my Idea – 1/4

October 1, 2017by micaelabarrionuevoCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)Exposure


After having our first tutorials  with a client I started photographing the city of London  as I always been a massive fan of architecture photography because of the buildings in the city of London. It was something about them that always caught my attention. The light, the shadows, the windows and tall they where. My favourite one has always been the shard. No matter the weather condition the shard always looks amazing and thats what I love Architecture the time someone spends to build something that beautiful and special that makes any place stand out. 

After having my first tutorial with my tutors and spoke to them about my idea my client didn’t really understand the concept of why I decided to go to London. He wanted me to focus more in linking my images into his University of Architecture. I totally understood his point view at the end of the day he was a client and we had to create something he will like. I thought of going round Canterbury and get a feel of the area and the people and the different architecture between Canterbury and London. I learnt so much about the history of Canterbury and how different the buildings looked. How they looked old and they had so much history onto them. I spoke to a few people that lived there and they told me all about their pubs and coffee shops and I straight away fell in love with the difference between the Architecture. 

 Second tutorial we had I tried to convince my client if I could compare the architecture between both places, but he didn’t find my concept as strong and he wanted to to focus more In the architecture within his university building and students. Two week later I started feeling really confused and lost so I thought the best thing for me to do was to research and find inspirations that could give me ideas.