Katherine Gray CSA #1

October 11, 2017by katherinegrayCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)


To respond to the brief we were given by our client Gabor, I decided to look into the planning of architecture. I wanted to look at this after the briefing at csa due to what evidence of the architecture students’ work that were presented round the facility. The main piece that I was initially intrigued by was work with wiring with a cut out pattern similar to the layout of a map. Whilst at the Canterbury school of Architecture I was given previous newspaper/magazine created by them. Within this consisted numerous illustrations and drawings, which I found very interesting. I decided then for this project I wanted to look at and research the planning and illustration of architecture. I was interested in the lineal features of the various works and thought that that idea it would be a good basis for research. After researching I thought of an artist that I had previously looked at whilst at sixth form, Karen O’Leary. Her work consists of precisely cut maps on white paper of places such as New York, Paris and London. She leaves webs of streets, which recreate the conventional map into a beautiful and elegant piece of art. Whilst looking at her work a couple years back I revisited some of my own versions that I created onto A3 cartridge paper. After creating this I then took some images using shadows and holding the paper in different ways to create different patterns. I then decided for this project to create my own again on an A4 piece of paper. Revisiting the idea of being precise and looking at lines and angles.