Katherine Gray CSA #3

October 11, 2017by katherinegrayCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)


I then decided to look more into the ignored, and thought about taking some images that not only people may miss on a daily basis, but objects that have a function within an academic environment. I wanted to take into account colour and practicality of what I was taking as I still wanted to keep the negative and positive space which Karen O’Leary had. When thinking about photographing things that have a function within the University I wanted to have a kind of backstage feel to it. Without these small details it would be harder for the school to work. From going to Canterbury I took some images of wires and other things such as doorframes, ceilings and light fixtures to see what worked best with my idea. I selected a few that I felt were strongest and started to edit. Here is the contact sheet with some images that I felt were best.