My Idea & Final Images 3/4

October 11, 2017by micaelabarrionuevoCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)

My Idea My idea developed from looking/photographing around the school. When I was taking photos I notice the backbone of the School. The stair case, to me this was the main structure and focus of the school, its what channeled the students through the majority of the school. What I liked about this was the aesthetically appeal behind the stairs. You can see that thought has been put into the design and the structure of the staircase. I photographed around this artwork within the building and notice how from 3 angles it gave a symmetrical finish and you could split the image in half and you could can see the completely same image. To me this gives expression of how the school of architecture is a symbol within itself. To develop on from this idea, I can photograph more areas around the school with the same metaphor, giving different perspectives of the building. When looking at Lucien Even I was inspired by how they captured a range of perspectives through the building. The colour of the imagery pushed me to photograph in the same style due to the dramatic finish and dark shadows. Within this idea it shows a variety of views from the school but also build a image in the mind of the viewer of this 3D object due to the different perspectives. I believe you could show this to someone and they would be able to visualise the whole thing.   Final Images After 4 long weeks and a lot of change of ideas I finally did something that I really thought had a strong concept and I hope that my client likes it and also will give me some good advice for the future. Like I mention before I used those colours representing the University, walking around and always seeing the red and yellow chairs is what stood up the most for me. The lines in this images show the rectangular shape and gives the whole architecture a different perspective. The black and white colour adds the shadows and the light around each image which makes it stronger. _dsc9584 _dsc9628 _dsc9630