Tori Bartlett CSA – Part 4

October 9, 2017by toribartlettCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)


My CSA Exposure project is a photographic series focused on the Architecture at UCA Canterbury and the transition between inside and outside. The relationship between inside and outside space is gradual, rather then abrupt, which is all created from the Architecture within a building. For example the structure of windows, doors and how this space offers us an insight of the outdoors. Suggestions of ‘traditional spaces’ are simple architectural images, however I am questioning this with a unique photographical technique, which shows an manipulation of the university, and how architecturally all of the space is bonded together, yet we may just see the space around us as ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.

My selected images have been transformed using a photographical editing technique on photoshop. As you can see from my final images, I have used a combination of inside and outside, to incorporate both aspects of space. For myself, doing this emphasises the transition of inside and outside, which is manipulated by the editing process I have used. This has much more power behind it then simple images of the university being placed on a wall. Whilst developing my project, I discovered that photographing inside the university, and editing the images worked just as well as the images taken from outside. I was unsure wether technically this would work as well, however as I captured the images from inside, but ensuring I had a window in the shot, to connect with the outside. It worked!

In terms of researching artists, I found artists such as Candida Hofer, Liz Orton, Victor Enrich, Randy Scott Slavin, Doug Aitken and James Welling elated to my project the most. In particular James Welling as the effect with the tree’s combined with the architecture, is similar to what I am creating. Adapting the viewers eye, as it has visually been changed.
To further develop my project, half way through the unit, I set about changing how the images were visually looking by carrying out more experiments on photoshop. I wasn’t 100% happy with the outcome of my first experiments and I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to continue with it. From that point I thought that layering the images on top of each other would display a better transcription of the manipulation of inside and outside.

My final pieces are focused on the transition from inside and outside, and how architecture is questioning the way we view this. The transition from inside and outside, will be viewed differently from each individual, but from my series of images, the manipulation will be viewed the same. How each aspect of UCA Canterbury, is bonded as one.

My Final Images –

image-1 image-4-final image-5 final-5