Exposure unit – Evaluation (week 4)

October 12, 2017by lwassellEntering the Art World - Ori Gersht (17/18)

Before having partook in this unit, the possibility of exhibiting within a gallery space had never been something I had garnished with much attention. And though it may be true, that these spaces are feeble, trembling relics, I do now still believe they have a place and purpose with regards to my personal journey as an artist. Now, I still do not bestow much significance on commercial gallery spaces, for they are simply outside of my periphery currently, and so something I shall not expend time on. Even still, as a long-term goal, they just do not interest me much – for I am far more interested in spaces that place their emphasis on the artists as… artists, not as a means to make money (taking extortionate cuts of any sales). Art should never be about the money (yada-yada). My interest, then, lays within artist-run galleries. Galleries that place emphasis on art as art and galleries that build or uphold a creative community through workshops, residencies, studios and so forth. These spaces are the spaces that really interest and excite me. My short-medium term focus is still firmly placed on commission work, but there has always existed a desire to pursue my fine-art work with more vigour, to gradually make a shift to such as the main focus of my work… Artist-run galleries can prove a catalyst for such a shift, and provide a much-needed support/creative network.