Week 4

October 13, 2017by bethanybridelEntering the Art World - Ori Gersht (17/18)



After evaluating what I would consider the 4 main social media outlets- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest I concluded that Instagram seems to be the predominant professional image-based social networking platform at the current moment. As well as showcasing your imagery, you can also use Instagram to network with fellow artists, magazines, agencies and galleries across the world. Professional or Business accounts on Instagram are a reasonably new platform in which your brand can market itself to the masses using predominantly visual and audio-visual aids.

I have created two Instagram accounts, I felt it essential to separate the two genres;

@bethanyhb – an account for general photography

@bhbridel – an account directed towards my target audience


Making the most of your account

  • Hashtags: hashtagging images increases the likelihood for your images to pop up in search results- similar to a key-word search
  • Tagging- similarly to hash-tagging, tagging photos with Instagram feature pages will increase the likelihood of your images being seen
  • Instagram ‘galleries/ feature pages’- account which take on submissions from artists and promote them to their larger-more established follower base
  • Comments- allows you to actively engage with other Instagrammers
  • Direct Message- enables you to contact the owner of the account in a private message



I have highlighted several people and organizations that I wanted to contact and make aware of my work:

  • Fragmentary- hello@fragmentary.org
  • Daniel Regan- Fragmentary Founder- mail@danielregan.com
  • Sam Curtis- Bethlem Gallery Curator- sam@bethlemgallery.com or 02032 284101
  • Lucy- Bethlem Gallery Press- lucy@bethlemgallery.com
  • Sarah Hall, Bethlem’s communications & Media manager- hall@slam.NHS.UK
  • Grayson Perry, Bethlem Gallery Artist and Patron
  • Bobby Baker, Bethlem Gallery Artist and Author
  • Liz Atkin- Bethlem Gallery Artist
  • Free Space Project- info@freespaceproject.org
  • South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust communications and media team-


  • Nicolette Clara Iles- Fragmentary artist

I have also drawn up an action plan that I am currently putting into motion:

  1. Complete web design
  2. Add web address to business cards, letter head and email signature
  3. Print business cards
  4. Visit the two physical galleries I have highlight above (Bethlem Gallery, Free Space Project)
    • I will attend during normal opening hours as well as opening night events- this will enable me to meet staff, artist, patron’s as well as members of the press. This will also give me an insight into how professional Galleries are organised, managed and run
    • Ask staff questions- appear interested- ask about specific artists they represent
    • Sign up for workshops at Bethlem Gallery and Free Space Project
  5. Call up and ask questions to the desk staff- ask questions about artists, curators, working in a Gallery, any advice
  6. Submit work to Fragmentary.org
  7. Apply/submit a exhibition proposal to Bethlem Gallery
  8. Email C.V, cover letter, project proposal and request a meeting with Curator/Director
  9. Call back after one week and resend the email
  • I still have contact with the owners of The Northern Seaman micro-pub and we are currently undergoing conversations regarding a solo exhibition with a guest artist.
  • I also plan to consider Meta-data which, on a basic level, increases the likelihood for your website to be viewed by using key words to bring your website closer to the front google page.
  • I am also interested in setting up Google Alerts for my name, which will notify me every time someone includes my name in a webpage or article.
  • I am also looking to collaborate with two other artists completing this project who create work around similar themes.