Charlie Redman – Development I

October 10, 2017by charlieredmanFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)


I began my research by analysing some of Hermes’ older films. One in particular that stood out to me was their campaign to promote there “Maxi-Twilly” range of scarves. The video features two models almost posing as skateboarders. They use the scarves as bandanas and wear them around their wrists and neck, while I feel like this does suit the freedom of movement needed for skateboarding, it feels unjustified by the lack of real skateboarding in the film. Their ripped denim shorts and box-fit t-shirts begin to tell a story about skating but it all just feels forced. It’s clear the models are not experienced skaters, and their location choice of a graffiti free skate park just adds to the unnatural tone. I will aim to create a more natural and true take on the skateboarding culture, and incorporate the Hermes scarf more fluidly. I will defiantly use real skaters as my models, skateboarding is not something that you can easily fake, you either look natural on a board or don’t. However, I do still feel like this clean-cut style suits the Hermes brand very well, the film acts and an extension of Hermes into more niche genres, but some are more successful than others. Hermes defiantly wanted the skateboarding to be a reflection of the scarf, clean and smooth. However, I feel like a more contrasting approach would be more enticing. I would like to film in gritty location that makes the scarf stand out rather than blend in. Seeing a beautiful flowing scarf in a graffitied skatepark or street would have much greater impact than in a smooth grey park like Hermes used. I also feel like male models would add to the contrast, A young male skater with wild hair and ripped jeans is a much closer representation of the real skate community but also a testament to the versatility of Hermes scarfs. If one of their scarfs can still be graceful when placed with a rougher looking model and an urban skatepark then the scarf will almost have a perpetual beauty, valid in all genres. An example of a more “genuine” skate film is “I like it here in my mind, don’t wake me this time.” by Polar Skate Company. The film takes 50 influences and filmed the vast majority of footage on super 8. This give the film a very nostalgic but also very real tone, it feels untouched and in no way forced. The first 50 seconds of footage does not actually feature any skateboards/skateboarding. It simply sets the tone and introduces a reoccurring character, Hermes of the other hand feature skateboards and the skatepark from the first shot. The Hermes video just doesn’t feature the subtlety and character that the Polar Film created. The Polar film was so successful because it had such a rich set of influences which is rarely seen in skateboarding films. I would like to similarly look outside the box for my influences and build up a strong body of research, which I hope should ultimately give my film the character I want.