Final Shoot day take 1

October 12, 2017by rhiannonpetruccijoyFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)

It was pretty tricky shooting in chatham house seen as I had initially envisioned the house before it had been renovated, The small blue chapel room was one of my main shoot areas, this room had been painted a block blue colour which took away from the rustic atmosphere I was trying to harness, the original blue ┬ámultitonal turquoise flakey walls Is what I had in mind, I purchased some orange flares with slits in the side to use within this room, I felt the slits would be a nice medium between the dresses and suit trousers they would have also worked well structurally within the environment, yet they did not arrive in the post. It is unclear as to what happened to the trousers but since I am unable to use this room it was not such a loss. When i was shooting at the house most rooms had art work hung on the walls ready for an exhibition again narrowing the rooms that I was able to shoot in. So I decided to work mostly within this room and utilise its beauty where the peeling decaying walls remained. I found this William morris style rug within the house which worked well with the set. The light hit this room from about 11-2 leaving a 3 hour gap to work with the light, yet this proved very challenging as it was a very sunny yet cloudy day meaning the light was very inconsistent. I worked as best as I could with both the sunlight and the LED’s using two to light the back drop and one as a filler.I ensured my model was very subtly lit, by having the model only lit slightly more so than the back drop (with the natural light) merges the model and back ground together to an extent taking away some depth giving the shots a paint like quality.