Jemima Flood – Post 2.

October 11, 2017by jemimafloodFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)

After week one and looking into the history of Hermes, I started looking at ideas for my project I decided to do something different to what everyone else was creating. I did not want to do a fashion shoot like Hermes normally create, so I thought think outside the box. We also all meet together to show our ideas and test shoots that we already done, as I had not been there the week before I did not have anything to show. So from this and watching everyone work, I agreed with my idea to do something different, I came up with the idea of working with Maidstone football club. I thought, its different. The adverts Ive seen created by Hermes have been created with women not men, and whom are models. There are not many adverts that I could within doing my research that include normal, everyday people. I also thought that a advert including 11 football player wearing or including a £600 scarf, is not the normal Hermes advert. So once I come up with my idea I emailed Maidstone football club, to see if it was something they was instrested in working on. Unfortunately I did not get a reply from them. So I had to go back to the drawing board and think up another idea. which I did. I thought I would create a shoot around car’s as I’m quite into my car scene and wanted to make a shoot and video that was different to everything else. I looked into Fast and furious as my inspiration. I then contacted a few place to get perimisson to use some space 2 of the four places came back to me. Bluewater said no but Lock meadow in maidstone said that I was more then welcome to use the space.