Jemima Flood- Post 3.

October 11, 2017by jemimafloodFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)

From making my new idea I was set to go on shoot, I did my shoot on 2nd of october at LockMeadow Maidstone 6.30pm/7pm. I arrived at 6.00pm to set up the lighting equipment that I had rented out from the media studio at university. I rented out a lighting box, two softboxes and a flash remote. I shot my film & shoot on a Nikon D7100. The set up of my images where F-stop 6.3, ISO 400 and exposure was set to 1/250. Flash was done through the box setup and shot with a 24mm Len’s. After the shoot I went away and started editing the photo’s until I found the selected few that I wanted to choose for my final images for my editorial. Once this was done, I started playing round with different looks and designs that would go into my layout. Once I had the final images I pretty much had the layout that I wanted which once made I was set to go. My layout for my editorial was front and back view of car ad front cover and back cover, then two interior shoots and two exterior shots then one double page spread. After this was all finalised I saved the file as a pdf and went and print out the prints.