Jemima Flood -Hermes project week.

October 11, 2017by jemimafloodFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)

Week one we all met Olivia Pomp, and then she brief us on the project, when the hand in date was set for, what the areas where that we needed to cover. Olivia showed us all about her work, Hermes and different elements we could look at for our project. After the presentation we all went away and started thing about our ideas and what road we wanted to go down for the project. I then went on to looking into the history of Hermes – Thierry Hermès was the creator of Hermes. In 1837, Hermès was first started as a harness workshop in, Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris, serving European noblemen. Hermes son, Charles-Emile took over the business. Moved the business in 1880 to 24 rue de faubourg, where is still stands to this day. Charles and from the help of his sons – Adolphe and Emile-Maurice. Introduced a wider inventory to the business; such as saddlery and started to sell the products within retail environment. The company then cater to Europe, North Africa, Russia, Asia and America. 1990, Hermes started to offer Haut a courroies bags, designed for riders to carry their saddles with them. During the 1930s, Hermès introduced some of its most recognized original goods which were the leather “Sac à dépêches” in 1935 (later renamed the “Kelly bag” after Grace Kelly) and the Hermès carrés (square scarves) in 1937. After this I started my mood boards and research for my idea. I went into research mode, and wanted to make sure they idea I was coming up with hand not been done before or other students had not done this either. From this I did mind maps of area’s and elements to my research. After week one and looking into the history of Hermes, I started looking at ideas for my project I decided to do something different to what everyone else was creating. I did not want to do a fashion shoot like Hermes normally create, so I thought think outside the box. We also all meet together to show our ideas and test shoots that we already done, as I had not been there the week before I did not have anything to show. So from this and watching everyone work, I agreed with my idea to do something different, I came up with the idea of working with Maidstone football club. I thought, its different. The adverts Ive seen created by Hermes have been created with women not men, and whom are models. There are not many adverts that I could within doing my research that include normal, everyday people. I also thought that a advert including 11 football player wearing or including a £600 scarf, is not the normal Hermes advert. So once I come up with my idea I emailed Maidstone football club, to see if it was something they was instrested in working on. Unfortunately I did not get a reply from them. So I had to go back to the drawing board and think up another idea. which I did. I thought I would create a shoot around car’s as I’m quite into my car scene and wanted to make a shoot and video that was different to everything else. I looked into Fast and furious as my inspiration. I then contacted a few place to get perimisson to use some space 2 of the four places came back to me. Bluewater said no but Lock meadow in maidstone said that I was more then welcome to use the space. From making my new idea I was set to go on shoot, I did my shoot on 2nd of october at LockMeadow Maidstone 6.30pm/7pm. I arrived at 6.00pm to set up the lighting equipment that I had rented out from the media studio at university. I rented out a lighting box, two softboxes and a flash remote. I shot my film & shoot on a Nikon D7100. The set up of my images where F-stop 6.3, ISO 400 and exposure was set to 1/250. Flash was done through the box setup and shot with a 24mm Len’s. After the shoot I went away and started editing the photo’s until I found the selected few that I wanted to choose for my final images for my editorial. Once this was done, I started playing round with different looks and designs that would go into my layout. Once I had the final images I pretty much had the layout that I wanted which once made I was set to go. My layout for my editorial was front and back view of car ad front cover and back cover, then two interior shoots and two exterior shots then one double page spread. After this was all finalised I saved the file as a pdf and went and print out the prints. Evaluation time, I do not know really what to say, expect that I really enjoyed this brief and project. I defiantly feel that my editorial is my strongest element within my project. My film is good and I’m happy with the final outcome, but if I had more time I think I could of created something more appealing to watch. With my editorial, I overwhelmed with the layout that has been created as I think it all flows and connects together, how they should. MY with my layout I created it to be look the way it looks, its intentional. My front cover and back cover is a front and back view of the car. Then I have a double page spread for my middle page, and then two interior images and two exterior images. I think every photographer will like element of their work and then their other areas they do not like, With me I think its always time for me. I get stressed quite easily and then panic about everything, But what I have created with the time Ive had, Im very pleased with the outcome. The film, they editorial and the blog work. Im happy and please.