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October 10, 2017by kivahuangFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)


After few weeks working and research, finally I finished my video editing and photography retouching.

screen-shot-2017-10-12-at-10-46-34 screen-shot-2017-10-12-at-10-46-49

Here is the result:

For video:
For video editing part I emulate Korean music video, did a lot of shortcuts and follow the music beat, make the 30sec more powerful, Make audience want to watch this video again and again.

And this video is talking About emptiness meaning empty, and thus refers in this context to the traditional Christian view of earthly life and the worthless nature of all earthly goods and pursuits.

The idea is that I want to show the progression from young (inquisitive) explore knowledge, music, power, hedonism to death(you can’t bring anything with you.

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lantern represent :Inquisitive


Violin represent : Hedonism


Books  represent: Knowledge


Queen represent power and glory


Skeleton represent death

Hermes Scarf be with you in all the stage




Photography pick

Typesetting Negative space, space for thinking,(popular on magazine)

use untraditional way to show scarf, not only use it on the body, could mix and match with another object, for example, your hand bag, water bottle, jacket……etc

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