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October 11, 2017by rsmith35Fashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)

Type your text here I wanted to try and create an urban feel to the scarf considering its such a delicate piece of material I thought by showing versatility within, it would stick to the type of fashion photography i like doing which is street/urban. so i made an 8 page editorial including two girl models but originally there was only meant to be one and the short film on a male model, this was to show diversity which the scarf also has. As I wanted to try and keep it to the theme of youth culture, I have chosen these locations to shoot in such as a train station, supermarket, flat buildings and road sides. I thought of using props to try and make the shoot look fun and energetic. I wanted to keep the styling of the scarf to how my generation wears it, by asking them to style the scarf themselves. I also want to try and keep the outfits and colours quite simplistic as the scarf needs to stand out. I wanted the posing to be as natural as possible, but I did want the models to try and create different shapes. For my short film I wanted to create this to try and give it a more rough look to it, even though the scarf is such delicate design and material I wanted to try and give it a different look by trying to use and style it in which gang members would use it, and by then using a skatepark as the location, also gives it different feel which will still link to the urban/street vibe of my editorial.