Test Shoot

October 12, 2017by rhiannonpetruccijoyFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)

I  have always loved the paint like photography like works of Julia Hetta and sarah moon.  I have decided to use cling film to put over the lense of my camera as an experiment, this worked surprisingly well. The material has defused the light and blurred the image ever so slightly giving it a real soft like painterly look, this has softened all the edges helping merge the prints together helping them work together successfully. Although this method works well I have to be very careful with shutter speed being one, the slower the shutter speed is the easier the image will blur out of focus seen as I will be using the camera hand held, meaning I may have to use a tripod in some shots because of the low light in chatham house. also distance is another, the further I am from the model the blurrier the face seems to be, or the easier it blurrs. The cling film also seems to fish eye the image ever so slightly this elongates certain parts of the image giving a slightly more so surreal feel.