Alexandrina Cojocaru Week 1- Project Proposal-

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Before enaging in pitching my idea I want to emphasize on the importance of researching the clients branding and artistic identity.  It is important to research to past so you know the area within you have to work and create a concept that sticks to the brands value without loosing your creative integrity. Hermès International S.A., Hermès of Paris, or simply Hermès  is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837. It specializes in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewellery, watches and ready-to-wear. Its logo, since the 1950s, is of a Duc carriage with horse. The scarf that I have chosen for this project was the inspiration behind  the Hermes logo itself. The scarf’s design depicts images of horses  in different shades and colours. In the middle you notice the carriage with horse . 1821843_l

The scarf is part of Collection FW2010 named Ex-Libris en Camouflage.   ex-libris-en-camouflage-002627s01t

“Ex-libris” is a Latin phrase that means “from the books” (often used to indicate ownership of the book).  This scarf pays tribute to the very symbol of the Maison, the carriage, the splendid horse and the groom.  Legend has it that Emile Hermes chose this design as his personal “signature stamp” on every book he owned, when he decided to bind each one in the same leather cover. The design proved so successful and influential, it proved the inspiration behind the House’s emblem because it best captures – and encompasses – the essence (and raison d’etre) of Hermes. The camouflage, artfully obtained by countless silhouettes of galloping horses, adds a contemporary feel to this otherwise timeless symbol. Because of its vibrant and unconventional colours , the pattern infuses a particular energy to the scarf.


For this project I want to evidentiate the visual relantionship between the scarf’s design  and nature’s elements. Although it would be clear why I could use horses in my shoot in that aspect , I would much rather come up with a more innovative way to represent this relationship.

The idea behind my moodboard is that I want to use mirrors in a clever way to reflect the scarf . I will play with the angles as much as possible and purchase different shapes of mirrors as well. Using the mirrors in that aspect I could get more of the scennery in the photograph. It is important to portray the scarf in such way that it complements the landscape.  I am in love with the chromatic of the scarf, the beautiful yellow shades are in perfect synergy with  the intense of the blue. I am definetly thinking of finding a suitable location that would reflect both the vibe and color palette of the scarf.ès.svg_.png?fit=1200%2C696