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October 12, 2017by rhiannonpetruccijoyFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)Uncategorized

Styling; Here are items I have found from Various sites including Etsy, ASOS etc, I have aimed to stick with my warm autumn palette of burnt oranges and warm beiges/browns, I naturally found myself including some golden yellows which work well with my palette while also working with the small area of yellow within the scarf. I would like to pick out the small elements of the more so washed out colours like the pinks/purples and greens within the scarf and use them subtly within my styling I feel this will very much compliment the scarf highlighting the subtle colours as well as the majority colour of warmer tones. I have naturaly found myself drawn towards the Jacquard/Paisley print I feel this may have been to do with the delicate shapes within my scarf, the intricacy of the paisley will help link my styling in further with my scarf while also complimenting and mirroring the shapes within the scarf, I will only have a small amount of this print so that the scarf is not over powered but enhanced. I also feel I may have been drawn to this due to hermes specialising in furnishing also. Camera style interior; I have looked at Sarah moons and Julia Hettas work, I was drawn to these two artists through the paint like quality of their work I feel this more so soft and subtle effect would work well for my shoot, blending the prints within my styling while giving the shots a more so classical look- the fruit will also enhance this. Accessories; I have chosen large gold pieces, this will work well with the subtle golds within the paisley print while also working well structurally with the shapes. I then looked at these statement block shaped earrings this I feel will working with the paisley furthering the  furnishing theme I have within my styling.