2nd week

October 11, 2017by hollymillerFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)NewsUncategorized

we chose these models because they both have the traditional Asian look. They both have previous experience with modelling and are very comfortable in front of the camera going along looking through there instagrams and Facebook profiles. Emma will be the main focus as we have prepared a few garments and jewellery but we wanted to make the images stronger by using both a male and female and finley will arrive later on in the shoot, we chose emma because we believe she will create a strong atmosphere on set and bring the authenticity with her cultural background. Call sheet & Scheduele Photographer: Alex Robert Hunt 07919400322/ Holly Miller 0785532600 Photo assist: Abigail Edwards 0736908128 Hair and MUA: Models own and Holly Miller. Talent: finley Moore 07939708128 & Emma Glazier 07453678990 Meeting point: Rochester Train station, Kent Schedule: 21/09/17 11:00am: Meet at Rochester station 11:30am: Arrive at Location. Dress first look and begin makeup. 1:00pm: Sun is not to high up, begin shooting. 1:30pm: Record dancing 2:00pm: Dress for next look: makeup remains same. – Finley arrives. 2:30pm: Record dancing 3:00pm: Next Look 3:30pm: Record dancing 4:00pm: Next look 4:30pm: Record dancing 5:00pm: WRAP. Location: Acorn shipyard, (Burnt down building), Gas house road, Rochester. This is a contact sheet of the recent shoot, the tagged ones have dots these are my final choices, me and Alex worked as a pair which means we both have images for the final editorial. we started shooting at midday for the best lighting in the afternoon, some of the photos are a tad too light but then we had some heavy dull images that didn’t neccasericly flow with the other images, i found shooting at this time of day was very hit and miss, we kept the camera on a very steady setting though out the shoot, this meant that we was always ready for the tiniest bit o sun to appear and we could catch it, we have also looked at how photoshop could help us add clouds into the images. the lighting set the tone of a happy but serious vibe it created unity between the models and the sun worked really well to bring them together. the sun also worked well with the images as our location was quite rusty and the charcoal was glittering in the sun and it was so reflective. i feel our concept and theme really work with the environment as we wanted something stripped away hitting down into the core of culture, wanting to capture the pure beauty of life itself, the rural background helped bring out the styling and scarf, the tones of the buildings really worked to bring the colours of the the scarf stand out. i found insparation to do these edits from something i found on vogue.in when Fila did a collaboration using culture on westernised garments. here is my edits…the images inspired me to create some edits for our editorial, i had never tried something like this before and i feel my images came out quite well and they reflect the research but in my own way, they will work really well in the editorial to try something new. To celebrate Fila’s Iconic collection, and to bring it closer to the new consumers, the brand has launched ‘The Culture Project’. this is to help millennials combine the new trends with they’re cultures traditional dress.