3rd week

October 11, 2017by hollymillerFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)NewsUncategorized

feel the images have a good colour scheme and all relate to our set brief, the scarf is prominent in every photo, I love how we used the scarf and the model. the concept can be seen visualy and its clear of the cultures we have explored are west african and indian. i personally like how the images have a raw and edgy feel to them, the setting we shot the images on is stripped back and unusual for what we are promoting.we chose these models as they are both very striking in a photographic sense, there features are very prominent and as they are friends they’re comfortable with each other this will work in our favour as it means they will create unity infornt of the camera and this will then bring the images together, they’re also amazing dancers and this will work in our video , when casting this was a big factor. its important for us to capture the culture and the rawness with a modern twist and both the girls are west African. Call sheet & Scheduele Photographer: Alex Robert Hunt 07919400322/ Holly Miller 0785532600 Photo assist: Abigail Edwards 0736908128 Hair and MUA: Models own and Holly Miller. Talent: Dineo Moore 07939708128 & Tanya Chiwara07453678990 Meeting point: Rochester Train station, Kent Schedule: 21/09/17 11:00am: Meet at Rochester station 11:30am: Arrive at Location. Dress first look and begin makeup. 1:00pm: Sun is not to high up, begin shooting. 1:30pm: Record dancing 2:00pm: Dress for next look: makeup remains same. – Finley arrives. 2:30pm: Record dancing 3:00pm: Next Look 3:30pm: Record dancing 4:00pm: Next look 4:30pm: Record dancing 5:00pm: WRAP. Location: Acorn shipyard, (Burnt down building), Gas house road, Rochester. this is the contact sheet for the west african shoot, in this shoot we used more natural lighting, as it was very sunny that day it worked in our favour, the images have a glow to them, i followed the same process than on the last shoot and creating a bare element utilising the space around to get the best shot possible, some of the images are shot quite wide it almost makes you feel lost when you look at the images they have a lonely feel and then the more portrait pictures are warm but still haunting, the models worked together really well as a pair when we photographed them together as they blended and were so commutable this is the exact look we were trying to achieve. the camera was always steady and we experimented with shooting from the floor up and being on the same level as the models, this allowed us to have a wider variety of shots to pick from when it came to picking what ones would go in the editorial.