4th week

October 11, 2017by hollymillerFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)NewsUncategorized

evaluation Hermes scarf After we was given the hermes brief me and Alex decided to work together on this project ,with both our scarfs combined we had so much more to explore and was able to use more than one model. We wanted to embrace both indian and west african cultures in our work and I feel this has been communicated well, the images represent the cultures in a sense that they all showcase raw elements of the cultures. Myself and Alex both brought different skill sets to the shoot, we are both photographers and Alex is good at styling also as well as photography and I have skill sets in makeup, together this means we both had an assistant and both could do the styling and makeup, this made it easier for us to organise shooting as it meant we then only had to plan certain dates for the models. We first decided to work together when we realised we both had interests in exploring cultures, we then discussed ideas and decide that our main idea would go into this topic deeply and will look at how scarfs can be used in everyday life using the scarf in the appropriate way depending on the cultures background. We had both never had to source or had full control of styling, we went to boutique stores to find traditional pieces, this helped created the true vibes we wanted to create. We then started looking in charity shops for clothes and it was so good to experience this and have a taste of what styling is like. The shoot went really well, the lighting worked so well with the makeup we did on the skin the dewy ness of the makeup caught the natural sunlight this then lit up the images including the debris that played behind model, where it was a burnt down building the debris had a little bit of sparkle, the tarnished metal glowed in the images and this helped create rawness of the images. if we were to do this unit again i feel we would research more into how the cultures move and experiment with more look, next time we do something like this i feel we would get choreographers in to help us create more movement and originality in the dances. our main influences for this unit were solange knowles the singer and sabyasachi a clothing brand, the clothing brand is really what we want wanted as our styling the traditional but with a modern twist and we wanted to make this so then the young people of our time will be interested and intrigued to learn more about other countries and they see how beautiful other cultures are. we used solange as inspiration for movement as in her videos she uses very contempry movements. i believe our references reflected in our work as our film shows strong fluid movements and the models knew exactly how to move infront of the camera. the only main problem that occurred for us was that we had little knowledge of dance and it made it hard for us to give the indian models some sense of direction but all together i feel this unit has gone well and me and alex worked well along side each other and the outcomes in our work show this.