Alexandrina Cojocaru Week 3- Project Development 2-

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Location plays a very important role in every production of a video or editorial. Using an outdoor location next to shooting in a studio could radically change the aesthetics of your project. 

Location Scouting

For this project I searched for a location that would not have predominant vivid colours as I wanted the outfits and the scarf to stand out. An open location with iconic views would be perfect to portray the elegance of the scarf. After doing some research about outdoor locations I’ve came to the conclusion that Dungeness  would be perfect for a number of reasons. One of the most important would be that  it has an unique feeling to it, sky is always cloudy and the lighting is one of a magenta tone at the sunset, that only adds character to the editorial that I want to shoot.

dungeness4 dungeness6 i-img_5093

I am aware that other students from Uca already shot there, so it wouldn’t be the most original location in that aspect, but as far as I am concerned this location is quite different to the ones used by Hermes in their  campaigns. From my research I have learned that Hermes like to use quite mundane locations to reflect the practicality of the scarf.  I intend to shoot my video and editorial so that it reflects the more sensual and excentric aspect of wearing a scarf.

Shooting Day


Organizing the photoshoot was really stressful and time consuming for me as I had to make sure that I could find both transport and enough space to fit all the  mirrors, equipment and crew . Make sure the weather was okay and it wasn’t too windy as well,so it would’t blow away the mirrors or the lighting equipmen, I ended up postponing the photoshoot three times.

After one hour driving we arrived in Dungeness. I was quite surprised by the stunning view, once I got out of the car. I got really excited about all the potential shots I could take there. The chromatic was exactly what I was looking for, the synergy between the earth tones and the blue tones in the cloudy sky inspired me .

Shortly after we had a walk around Dungeness I placed my big mirror in a place that I found most suitable and started shooting.



_mg_6866 _mg_6884 _mg_6896 _mg_6909 _mg_6930 _mg_6963 _mg_7008 _mg_7059

The shoot went on for about 5 hours , from midday to sunset as I wanted to capture that last ray of daylight in my photographs and video.  I do think that having an assistant is really helpful, I would have probably been out shooting for more than 5 hours if I didn;t have Georgia as an assistant. 

Overall I am really happy with how my shoot went, although it was cold it was a really nice experience.