Alexandrina Cojocaru Week 4- Evaluation-

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Exposure  Unit has been a really intense experience for me. Packed with research and an intense experience on how to pitch your ideas to a client and create a comission piece, it has created a path that led me to my final project. A video that tells the story of a scarf in an unforsaken place and  an editorial that shows the harmony between the element’s nature and scarfs synergy with different textured clothes.

This story is told in a really ambiguous way using symbols like dessert, clouds, plants, and boats to show the connection between a place that is abandoned but founds it’s way into a girls imagination.

Multiple frames  show scenes where the girl is reflected  in the mirror. The mirror signifies the viewer, the camera, the Intruder. _mg_6896

Just like in a dream. Places change within seconds and the girl can’t help but catch a glimpse  of the viewer, either by directly looking at the camera or through the mirror.

The video ends in a ambiguous way,the Hermes logo juxtaposed on the sunset lanscape. Representing the connection of scarfs story with nature. The last frame is completely black as an invitation to the viewer to imagine a possible sequel.


I am really pleased with the final outcome of the editorial as well as I feel like I have managed to portray the scarf according to the brands values while sticking to my own creativite identity. Keeping in mind that the editorial it’s only consisting of 4 double spreads , I have decided to not use photos of all the places that I have shot at because I wanted it to be quite constrained and well structured . The layout plays around with frames , symbol of a world constrained  within another world. hermes1hermes hermes3 hermes4

 As you can easily notice, I wanted the scarf to be present in all the photographs, in some shots it  does stand out. In most of them, the scarf is in perfect harmony with all the details of the composition, rather complimenting than overpowering other elements.

The logo of the hermes brand is not the original orange colour used in my video but it’s covered in a sunset landscape texture. Golden tones play alongside black and white elements to add an elegance vibe to the aesthetic.

Just like in a poem page 1-4 and 2-3  have similar aesthetic value, complementing eachother poetically.

I decided to arrange my editorial in  a metrical composition, such way that the begging would be in synchrony with the ending, by using symilar images.

In conclusion I really enjoyed doing a comission piece for a client and all that I hope for in the end is that the client is going to be happy with the final product.ès.svg_.png?fit=1200%2C696