Alexandrina Cojocaru Week2 – Project Development

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In this Blog post I want to talk about my test shoot, experimenting with different ideas and main Sources of inspiration, as I feel like this elements played a major part in creating the final outcome.

        Test Photoshoot

I wanted to experiment with how I can photograph the scarf reflected  in the mirror so  I can be able to direct the model on the day of the actual photoshoot. For this photoshoot I only used  a small mirror while I was still waiting for my order from ebay to arrive. Also I didn’t use the actual Hermes scarf because I was worried I could damage it .

img_3567 img_3570 img_3576                             


Main Inspirations

Viviane Sassen

Viviane’s editorial for Numéro No. 127 October 2011 was one of my main inspirations in this project. The name of the project is ”Jeux de miroirs” which translates to ”the game of mirrors”.   I paid attention to the way she directed the model , and how she placed the mirror within the frame.

She is of the generation of photographer/artists that alternate personal, editorial, and commercial work and embrace an interdisciplinary attitude. She says, “You should always be able to judge a photograph on different grounds, on political, social, emotional, but also on personal grounds.”

Sassen’s photography is by turns beautiful and unsettling, characterised by disorientating formal experimentation. Although she now devotes more time to personal documentary projects, often involving travel to the remotest parts of Africa, she is best known as a fashion photographer who has built her reputation on breaking the rules.



Music video Inspiration

I love the feeling that transpires throughout the duration of the video.The way that the video was constructed is quite unique,  juxtapositions of portraits and nature can only intensify the feeling of harmony between human emotions and natures elements.

The artist used different types of cuts, the video jumping from closeups to collages of portraits layered on top of a lanscape background and then to close-ups again.

The low quality and pixelated selection of videos add  a certain vibe to the video. It’s almost like it has a more familiar feeling, because it reminds the viewer of the low resolution cameras used  by their parents to film family moments.

Overall I think this is a great montage and interesting way to edit a video.