Exposure unit – Week 3 summary

October 12, 2017by lwassellEntering the Art World - Ori Gersht (17/18)Uncategorized

Week 3 was a week of consolidation. Taking all of what I’d learnt from tutorials, via research and feedback, and consolidating such into the final assessment presentation. A lot of what I’d secured by the end of week 2, didn’t change, however and in response to feedback from Ori (also in week 2), I did more thoroughly research host artists (directors) of the spaces I had identified – to get an idea of who they are, and how they work. The proposition of hosting a pop-up exhibition was also subject of further research; identifying agencies that can assist with finding, securing and financing the rental of such spaces (interimspaces being the most interesting of the three; being a charity who help emerging artists with the costs associated with hosting a pop-up exhibition), as well as visibility tactics for such an event (mailing lists, inviting gallery curators etc.). Lastly, within our last tutorial with Ori (week 2), we were asked to identify an additional 17 targets (on top of the 3 in-depth research targets) – this was a bit of a struggle at first as I focused my searches exclusively on emerging artist galleries (supportive of such). But it became apparent that the targets could be, within reason… anything. And so, my interest shifted to modes of distribution, such as magazines and news publications (both physical prints & online pages) and then furthermore to blog features. All of which I shall now take an active role in pursuing.