Georgia Plomer – Week 2 – Test Shoot

October 11, 2017by gplomerFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)NewsUncategorized

For these images I wanted to create something really simple just so that I could concentrate on trying to sort the styling as it is something that I struggle with. I chose a simple off white backdrop and used just 2 lights to light the studio and had the model stand close to the background so that the model created 2 shadows on the backdrop which I thought looked really effective. I also chose to roll the backdrop up so that the floor used was just the floor of the studio, I did start shooting with the backdrop rolled all the way down but changed it after a few shots because I thought that the all white looked too plain for what I was trying to create. georgia-stylig0286-1 georgia-stylig0304-1 These 2 shots are some simple portraits that I took to show some different ways to style the headscarf look. For most of the styling I’m using a similar colour palette and minimal patterns so that the scarf stands out in the images. In the image on the left I styled the scarf just wrapped round the models head a few times leaving the top of the head exposed, I really liked this style with the simple blazer and trousers. georgia-stylig0320-1 georgia-stylig0325-1 These 2 images show the second look for my shoot. I have once again chosen to use the pink trousers, I think they are a really beautiful statement piece that work well as the centre piece of the styling. Here I have tied the scarf as a top underneath the shirt. I really love how the colours of these pieces look together, the block colours aren’t something that I would normally work with but I really like how they look all together. georgia-stylig0370 georgia-stylig0375