Georgia Plomer – Week 3 – Final Shoot

October 11, 2017by gplomerFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)NewsUncategorized

To start off the earring making process I first designed the pieces that I wanted to create. I have chosen to make the pair with 2 orange circles hanging from one another, the orange acrylic I use will be transparent so this should look really interesting. 22236439_1659344974110489_171000066_n I finalised the size of the earrings and then a friend I have who does Contemporary Jewellery created the template on Illustrator for me to be taken the the laser cutter. The pieces were then laser cut, this took about 40 seconds. My boyfriend who does Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewellery then attached links and earring hooks to the components and they were ready to be worn. I think they looked really beautiful in my shoot as you can see in the image below, the orange of the scarf really ties in with the earrings and looks really effective. The model arrived at 11:30pm Thursday the 28th as we were leaving at 7am the next day. Hayleigh very kindly drove us and I also brought Rhiannon with me to help with the styling aspect of the shoot as thats her strongpoint. We left at 7 the next day to get too the location for 8ish, as we arrived at Camber Sands it was really windy, almost too windy for the shoot, but I thought we should give it a go as it was a nice location. As we started shooting it started to rain and it got progressively heavier and we had to go back to the car for shelter. I checked the weather on my phone and it said it would clear up by 11, which at the time was only 45 minutes so we decided to wait it out. The rain didn’t clear so I thought we should either go back to uni and try shoot in the studio or find another location, I didn’t want to waste the models time as she had come down on a 3 hour train journey. Rhiannon thought of calling the Italianate Greenhouse in Ramsgate that she shot at in first year, luckily they were open and were willing for my to shoot there even at such short notice. We arrived there at 1pm and started shooting straight away. Immediately I was really pleased with how the pictures were turning out, and was glad that we hadn’t just come back to Rochester. I shot using natural lighting and a reflector when it was working. I also shot on both digital and analog to experiment with the colours that it would create. _mg_3118 _mg_3127 As you can see in the images above the styling worked really well with the greens, also the scarf stood out really beautifully against the muted colours of the location. Alejandra (the model) is also half columbian so the colours looked really beautiful with her olive skin and dark hair, she also moved really well and hardly needed direction which made it easier for me as I was quite stressed with having to move location at the last minute. I found the shapes of the green plant really interesting to work with and the colours looked really nice and contrasted my styling really nicely. _mg_3154 _mg_3178 At the beginning of the shoot the light was really nice and it was creating really beautiful shadows, I decided to take full advantage of this and got some really interesting shots that use the shadows to full advantage. For this shoot I used a 6D with an 85mm and a 35mm lens, these worked really nicely as the small space really called for the use of the wide angle to create the illusion of space. _mg_3218 _mg_3222 _mg_3229 Once again I wanted to create the illusion of there being more space then there actually was, this is why I shot from up high for some of these images. I also normally just love taking portrait images so I had to remember to vary my shot style so not to make the editorial to boring or similar. _mg_3245-copy _mg_3266 _mg_3288 I really loved the combination of this styling with the greens in the background, the yellow of the blazer also matched the yellows in some of the sections in the plant. I tried to use scarf in as many ways as possible and lots of styling variations. I also really love how the orange earrings bring out the oranges of the scarf and link them together when the styling doesn’t include any bright orange. _mg_3318 _mg_3319 These yellow trousers weren’t used in the styling shoot because I felt that the colour looked too bright with the other clothing, however once it was put in this location and on this model I think it worked really well. The model stands out against the background but she is also connected to it as the colours as still quite natural and do feature in the location just in different tones. I really loved how Alejandras tattoos looked as well as I wanted to create a Hermès campaign that had a modern and high fashion twist and I think they looked really interesting and add another dimension and a modern twist to the images.