Hayleigh Love: Final shoot and film Week 3

October 11, 2017by hayleighloveFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)NewsUncategorized

On the day of the shoot I took the model and an assistant with me. I ensured the models hair and make up was done before we left to shoot, to save time once we had arrived on location. Once we got there I started by heading to the first area of the park that I wanted to shoot in. The model changed into the first outfit and I begun shooting. I took both stills and film in each location, and in every outfit. I wanted the film to flow through out the locations and the outfits to flow with it. As the park was very open, it was at times hard to battle with the wind. In some of scenes the wind worked well, but in others it made the styling look odd, or blew the scarf too much. I feel I was able to work effectively and make the most of the time I had there. As I know the model well she was very easy to work with, and felt comfortable infant of the camera. It was also not too cold, so she didnt look uncomfortable in the images. I think she worked very well within the surrounding location and therefore made the images. I feel I was able to get some strong images and have enough to play with to create my editorial. . _mg_3431 _mg_3434_1 _mg_3472  _mg_3509 _mg_3523 _mg_3534 _mg_3556 _mg_3571 _mg_3630 _mg_3651 _mg_3674_1 _mg_3687 With filming I would take all the images, and then take a film of that images, but moving the camera or angle to get the shot. I kept filming very simple and didn’t make the model move very much. I also didn’t film many cut aways and kept the camera on the model and scarf. Using close ups as a break in between scenes. I found direction hard, so keeping the film simple allowed me to still have enough material and  make a good film.