Hayleigh Love: Final work and evaluation week 4

October 11, 2017by hayleighloveFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)NewsUncategorized

My final editorial screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-19-01-53 screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-19-02-03 screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-19-02-11 screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-19-02-18 Overlall I am really pleased with my editorial. I feel that the images are by far my strongest from the two shoots I did. Although I did really like my styling images, I did not feel there was enough strong images to create a whole editorial. I also tried putting the styling in with the images on location. However I felt they didn’t work as well and could look odd put together. I think the colours work very well in my editorial. The colour of the styling worked better than I had imagined within the location. I like to keep my editorial quite clean and simple, as I feel it works with my concept and clean cut images. I chose to use the phrase ‘every scarf has a story’ as I feel it really fits with Herm├Ęs, in the way that they are made. Each scarf is individually designed and goes through a long process, both being designed and being created. Through the people it is inspired by and the people who physically make the scarf, I feel each of the scarf has a unique story that makes them so valuable. Although I kept it simple, I like to play with the sizes of the images. I feel it breaks the editorial up and makes it look overall more interesting to the viewer. I decided also to add a double page image to add some impact. Also having on the final page a blank page with on small text, to allow the image to stand out and speak for itself. My final Film:
  I found the fashion film quite hard to make. Creating films is not my strong point and I do feel a lot more comfortable creating editorials. However I am still very happy with the outcome of my film. I feel there are some really strong scenes within the film. For example the end two scenes I think work really well. With the scene of the model walking I feel it moves the film on nicely and love the colours within the shot. I also love the last pan down and think it gives a close view of the scarf in a not so obvious way. When shooting the film I felt I worked quickly, yet effectively, getting the shots I needed and not wasting the time we had. However I do wish I had shot more moving image, so that when it came to editing I had more to play with. I also found it hard to get the camera to stay focused while the model was moving. In some scenes it was very difficult, and even though the shot was good, the focus would let it down. I am glad I took an assistant as she was able to help me through out the shoot. I feel my model worked extremely well and suited the vibe. Her hair colour and skin tone along side the styling and surroundings worked really well in both the stills and film. With the styling I was pleased how it turn’t out, and feel it did work well in my shoot. However I do wish I had contacted a stylist as I feel it would have only improved my work, and may have given me more to work with. I do try to do my own styling, especially as we didn’t have long to get going, however I feel there input would have elevated the work and helped me a lot. Finding music did take me a long time, however I feel the music I finally decided on works with the film and creates a nice atmosphere along side the film. I wanted the scarf to be the focus of my film and I do feel it does pull focus within the film. The aim was to create a simplistic fashion film, and I think I have achieved that. Focusing on playing with camera angles and movement to create my film and not having very complicated stories and movement within the film. I think doing another shoot would have helped, on location, as film isn’t something I do often, it does take me a while to get into the swing of it again. That said I am still happy with how far I have came, and how my work has improved. I feel it represents the brand well and portrays beauty and elegancy in both editorial and film.