Jessica Smith Week 1. Moodboards and Decisions- Exposure Unit

October 10, 2017by jsmith503Fashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)NewsUncategorized

  Third Year has started off with being given the task of creating a 8 page editorial alongside to that a 30 second short film. This is to be for the Hermes Paris, we each have the opportunity to pick one of their¬†scarfs out of a bag at random. Extremely excited about this task as I also picked a great scarf that I felt I can work around. We was asked if we wanted to pair up with someone in the class, I took on this opportunity and have decided to work with Tom as I feel working in a team is a better way to practise skills that I will need in the future, also ‘two heads are better than one.’   Toms scarf: img_6720img_6719   My Scarf: img_6858     Luckily both mine and Toms scarf go together. This week has mainly been trying to find a way in which we can create an interesting body of work that promotes these scarfs. So i will start right at the beginning of out thought processes. Firstly we started looking at the Hermes website to find a feel that other commissioned pieces have, mostly to see work works well and what doesn’t. We instantly knew that we had to do something about movement, but how? we started looking at what actually is movement and came across this word ‘motion’ we thought that expressing different ideas behind that word might be an interesting concept such a rotation, liner and straight line motion. This idea moved on dramatically as we decided we wanted to make something more fun. When thinking about what location, Tankerton is a beach with a slope of beach huts running up the beach, I used to play hide and seek around them, We both decided that this would be a great staring concept for our project.   hermes-styling-001 location-hermes-001 mood-hermes   I think the location will work well with the scarfs that we have been given, As for styling we have been looking at bold coloured fabrics that go with the patterns, for the editorials ¬† we want to experiment in week two with colours of the outfits with the beach huts. i really want to express the hide and seek idea in this to maybe by peeping between beach huts. The video will reflect the same idea but more fasted paced, we need look into choreography to make it look more commercial and contemporary. We plan to test shoot in week 2.   RESEARCH: When referencing artists for our project I instantly thought of Viviane Sassen. A fashion Photographer from Amsterdam with a portfolio of work around Europe and Africa which portray an excellent use of colour, a recognisable style with direction of the models that usually denote geometric shapes. Her usually interesting compositions reflect her life and time spent in Africa enhancing poverty, but not only that I find her style shows how Fashion photography can be portrayed differently. Sasses has definitely been the main reference for our project. We have mainly been looking at her compositions, direction, colour palette, styling and casting to influence our work.   tumblr_oota86jxkw1qa214go2_1280 1096374 in-and-out-of-fashion-viviane-sassen-06 parasomnia pw_pr_single_2