Katherine Gray CSA #4

October 11, 2017by katherinegrayCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)Uncategorized


Here are the final images for my project. I decided to choose these three images that I felt were very minimal and simple yet had the lineal features to it. I liked how I managed to capture the negative and positive, as by doing this it creates the illusions of road and open spaces similar to O’Leary’s work. I also liked the lines and curves, which I really wanted to include as I felt like this looked like the planning illustrations for architecture. Without these small features that I have taken images of, its hard for the uni to function as well as it does now. I didn’t want images to look busy either as I was to have an minimal and abstract look. If I was to redo or improve this project I would have spent more days photographing at Canterbury finding more spaces. I would have also investigated more into illustration when planning and possibly combined them with the images. Altogether I really enjoyed this project and having this professional feel to a project.