REMLA. Rav Clifton. Progress Week 3.

October 8, 2017by ravaancliftonRoyal Engineers Museum and Archive (17/18)Uncategorized


Blog Post week 3
I wanted to use this week to develop my research on artist’s that could help my project move alone. I also wanted to create my stickers and more posters to help the project.

I thought that making the stickers, suggested from last week; would be a good start. I thought about making different slogans for just the stickers but I thought that it might be hard to connect the work with the posters. I decided to stick to the current forms of text. After having these printing onto waterproof vinyl I proceeded to walk to university sticking them onto places that people might notice them. On my first walk; I thought about sticking the stickers from the UCA campus all the way to the museum, so if you were to follow then you would end up at the Royal engineering museum.
I am interested to see how long they stay up.

From this, I was thinking of ways I could install my work in the gallery space. I created two sticker layouts, one with a standard layout of where the texts set next to each other and one I based the design of a hand. I really liked the idea of the hand but I was unsure if looked like a hand or showed anything for that matter. I decided to show this in my tutorial and it seemed that everyone liked it, and I also got reviews from other peers and it again seems like they liked the image. It was suggested that I use a photo of a hand as a template, this is something that I will try, however, I like the fact that people saw different things when looking at it.



I am in process of creating a new poster but still, haven’t completed because I cant think of a slogan.

Because I wasn’t able to finish the poster, my first thought to move alone my project was to print the poster that I’ve already made. From printing the photos in black and I got the idea of printing the photos out on 1 meter and a half. When I thought this idea through, I resembled it to the old style of printing newspapers. I believe that keeps to the style of the posters and better ties with the era. I also think that its a good contrast with the stickers. These imagines will be printed on 9/10/17. I will be able to think about what to do next from seeing the prints, whether I will need to change them or they will be okay.