REMLA Rav Clifton Progress Week 2.

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After thinking about this and how I could incorporate my thoughts, of the archive photos. I realised this could be explored in many different ways, but have narrowed my focus to the three that spoke to me the most. The first I would like to use would be the stereoscope. When I first saw the museums collection, I instantly fell in love with the layout of the stereoscope photos. How they looked when the entire collection was laid before me; the excitement of what was to come had me overwhelmed with excitement! This idea, however, was short-lived due to the pricing of the stereoscope and what exactly would I photograph?

The other two ideas were a propaganda poster and/ or a collage of images to create a fresh concept, influenced by the two initial styles. From the start, I thought Propaganda was something I wanted to steer clear of, so I started with the mash-up of images to create some representation of an informed image. I wanted to create a collage using archive imagery and photos that I have taken to set off by using photoshop to create a quick idea of what I thought one possible outcome could look like before diving deeper into my research.


After this attempt on the poster, I opted to try the idea of the stereograph, however, I found that the stereograph was too expensive and I was unable to obtain one. I did, however, do some research on how to build one, but again I thought that this would lack authenticity as well as look a bit tacky hindering the reception of my intended message.

The prices are around £200

On review, if the cost involved in this idea moved on, and started to research some artist that have themes of propaganda. An artist that got recommended to me from my tutorial sessions are as followed:

Peter Kennard.

From looking at Peter Kennard I found John Heartfield. Whilst researching these two artists, I was looking at 1800’s war recruitment posters on google and I found that a lot of these were text heavy. So I wanted to explore some typefaces to best match these posters. Both these artist work with college, and themes of a political nature.


I made a new poster using the same methodology as before just making improvements influenced by my ongoing research. I wanted to add text into the images on a bigger scale. Although I am limited with photoshop and their text face.


I tried isolating the text by placing it on its own or highlighting it in red. I still don’t think this gives me the desired effect as seen in old propaganda posters I researched and I wanted to try and somehow find how I could get that text replicated. I found; a font archiving website and tried my best to match the fonts with the 1800s poster.


These are the results of taking the time and researching the right elements to create something that is closer to what I am looking for. I feel that you can’t see the photos enough but I do like the text on the image, I also try to create slogans that will make you look twice before releasing something wrong.

I took these photos into my group tutorial to show my progress from last week. They also thought that the images are too busy and they cant really see which was a concern of mine. They did say that the images were strong enough which was something I was unsure about too, they suggested that I could try making stickers or posters to put up around town and tie this in with modern day political issues.


I was also recommended to look at the exhibition ‘Protest and Survive’ which was at the white chapel gallery. After getting feedback I wanted to try and mock up some new posters and   sticker ideas

I am a lot happier with the outcome of these designs but I want to try out different slogans and different images to better contrast the images. I got some more feedback on these images and overall I got good reviews,  however, a few peers said that I should darken the images which in retrospect I can agree with.


Moving on from this point, I think that I should work on the slogans and create new images to see how they accompany each other whilst also reviewing the size of the photos.

Stickers are something that I really like the idea of, so I want to create some concepts and get them printed to see if all the elements are still visible and