REMLA Rav Clifton Proposal

September 29, 2017by ravaancliftonNewsRoyal Engineers Museum and Archive (17/18)Uncategorized




I will be exploring the controversial imperialism in the British empire. Whilst visiting the Royal Engineering museum I became aware of the abundant amount of artefacts that weren’t part of British culture or any historical evidence of England except that for the most part they had been taken and claimed as part of British empires history of its colonial past. I noted there were many exhibits that had pieces that had been collected from all over the world but a large none of them had any information as to how they were obtained and why. I found that also there had been noted that there were many Heroes and highly regarded “Treasure seekers” but again failed to mention the darker side of how these artefacts were actually acquired. My concept is that I would like to give exposure on the underlying historical background of how the of how the British took advantage of their power to pillage and the glamorization of the colonial era. I want to take photos of the artefacts behind the glass and match these with the dates that coincide with when they would have been taken. I will use photoshop to merge these pictures.
Artist/photographers that I would like to look at for inspiration and methodology would be Jae Yong Rhee, Robert Rauschenberg, Sohei Nishino. The reason that I chose Jae Yong Rhee for a reference is due to his methodology. He layers images and creates an effect that I would like to mimic but just not on this scale. Another artist that I will be studying is Robert Rauschenberg. I will like to research this to explore differences in technique between physical and digital.

memoriesofthegaze_gilsanricemill  robert-rauschenberg-paperback-18048-large