REMLA. Rav Clifton. Week 4

October 12, 2017by ravaancliftonRoyal Engineers Museum and Archive (17/18)Uncategorized

This week has mainly been used for brushing up on anything that hasn’t been finished or correcting.

I have had my images printed on the meter strip and I feel with the quality of the paper not being the best help with the effect and the feel of the work. I have also had my stickers printed and I like both the A4 and A3 so I will need to get feedback on the two and pick one. I wanted to further my research on the Zulu war and watch the movie: 1984 which has a theme of social control which is something that I discovered. I feel that social control is something that has ran through-out history, I found in during the Zulu war this is the reason that it started because the Zulu’s didn’t give up there traditions and customs.

I feel that I am happier with the prints then I was before, I feel that having the photos repeated makes the idea of it being an early propaganda poster more authentic. perhaps in post-production photos that I took could have been a little brighter but I somewhat like the dark images, it makes me feel that they are printed imperfect like what might have happened with old printing methods.

I also decided to watch the movie: Zulu Dawn this week. This was to get more information on the matter and a different outlook on it. I found watching the movie just echoed my thoughts. The movies were based on a small amount of 140 British soldiers holding the line against 3,000 Zulu warriors but had other factors that show how the British pressured to follow western ways.