Research, Inspirations and Artist – 2/4

October 2, 2017by micaelabarrionuevoCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)Uncategorized


As I have spoked on my previous blog was that after having to change my idea I didn’t feel that confident with this project at all, I felt really confused and felt like I didn’t have much time to come with a different idea. The best way for me to start feeling confident again about my work again was to start researching photographers and things that I could do to make my work stand out to our client. As he said in our last tutorial he wanted us to photograph the architecture around his University  and make it unique. When doing my research I came across two very interesting photographers that really inspired me to come up with my final Idea and felt finally confident with it.

Iwan Baan 

Another photographer that took my interest and gave me ideas with my concept was Iwan Baan a dutch photographer. He challenges standing tradition of depicting buildings as isolated and static by representing  people in architecture and showing the buildings environments trying to produce more of a story or a feel for a project. He also says he takes photographs to communicate how people use the space.  Something really similar to my concept my whole idea for my work was to photograph peoples spaces of the University and how each picture a photograph has the same symmetric shape even though they were all in different places. I tried to show people the different areas of the uni and the different architecture between the buildings.



Lucien Herve

Another photographer that his worked also I really liked and was similar in some sort of way to the idea I had in the end after speaking to my client was Lucien Herve, which was a French photographer of a Hungarian Origin, which is one of the rare photographers that has combined a humanist outlook with an architect’s eye, how he uses cropped fames styles in his images and uses composition and uses abstraction onto them. What I like of his images is how the colour black&white makes it look older and gives more of an effect onto the images.


Maria Aparico Puentes

Another artist that inspired me to use lines around my images was Chilean artist Maria Aparico Puentes stitches thread into geometric shapes over photography, to give an effect that makes the subjects appear to be existing on the borders of another dimension. Speaking on her work, Puentes notes, “I imagine that some of these impressions point me to study Architecture.”
I was inspired by a select image by how Maria used geometric lines to give her image a third dimension and selected the points in the image.


After looking at this three artist and this three specific images I started thinking about the rectangular shape they both had and made me think of Symmetric photography and found really amazing ideas. When I went to Canterbury University and starting shooting I realised how each room had the shape sort of shape and how not only the architecture around it was interesting if not everything around it. To make it more unique and more of my own idea I decided I wanted to add the lines around my images to show the viewer how rectangular it looked no matter the different areas of the rooms. I decided to add colour onto the lines and decided to use the three colours that where used around the university the most which was red, yellow and grey. Most of their chairs and sealing were red or yellow and every room had amazing triangle shapes and where all grey and most of the walls to. My inspiration for the lines on top of my images where by researching many methods of mix media and I came across someone that used lines onto all his images showing the different shapes in buildings.