riley week 2-test shots

October 11, 2017by rsmith35Fashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)Uncategorized

Type your text here I wanted to try and get some test shots to see what styling works well with the scarf, and from these test shots it showed me that keeping the colours minimal really helps the scarf be seen, but can easily be lost depending on scenery and what angle I take the shot. I looked at a artist called william strobeck for inspiration, as he is a film maker which I already knew about, he creates videos with little snippets of skateboarding which I used to show movement of the scarf to then playful scenes that show a youthful side and the theme. I was browsing through an i-D magazine when I came across this editorial that Cooney styled. It’s so laid back and exactly how I want the outfits to look for my short film, as its got this skater chic about it but still looks very fashionable. Because its quite a casual look it will look less of a fashion film, but where I wanted to show versatility it’ll be good for an average man to show this with an everyday look.