riley week 3-shoot one

October 11, 2017by rsmith35Fashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)Uncategorized

Type your text here I looked at various artists such as Federico Ferrari, his work really stood out to me and showed a lot of links between mine and his work. He’s tried to create quite playful shots, but then has captured some neat looking shots where he has also used architecture as the setting. So these were the test shots to try and build up to my final shoot, I managed to go to near enough every location I stated which allowed me to get quite a few interesting shots. I wanted to take a different approach for the re-shoot like the styling element of the shoot, because at first I wanted it to be simplistic plain colours like white/black/beige so that the clothes and loacations would be plain and the scarf would be vibrant and push past all the styling and backgrounds. But because I wanted to re-shoot certain elements of the editorial, I thought switching up the colour palette to clashing colours like blue and pink would give the shoot a more high fashion and punchy feel, this won’t make the scarf any less visible but if anything show how versatile it is with block colours. Out of the many locations I previously visited in my 1st shoot I have decided to re use a select few, this is because I wanted to try and achieve a more visually pleasing back drop for my photo’s, and so that there is more objects around me to create a more affective colour blocking setting with the scarf.