riley week 4

October 11, 2017by rsmith35Fashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)Uncategorized

Type your text here My model cancelling for the re-shoot I had to think quickly to a back-up plan. The structure of this shoot will be similar to the other in mood-boards, in the sense of styling (clothes). But the locations differ as for this I am only exploring the streets of Chatham for my location. I will just walk up and down until I found areas which I believe will be to the theme I am wanting, hoping to find cool angles and edgy spots for this urban look. This is the editorial finished, it’s not how I was expecting it to look finalised but if anything I think its turned out better than expected. Still not sure about if having two models for the editorial was a good quick initiative, but I believe these shots work well together in the sense of how the colours and locations work well together. I definitely captured the street element which I was going for, I hope this portrays the theme of youthfulness and how it can be so versatile. I really enjoyed the editing progress, seeing my final images coming together really boosted my confidence from on set with the shoots, as I was worried about it looking amateur. The new skills I developed from this project was getting a better experience with photoshopping and being creative on InDesign, I felt really in my element with this project. I think the most successful part of my editorial was the layout, using a close up and full length shots for each spread shows contrast with the scarf within the shots. I encountered a few difficulties, such as my re-shoot not going ahead which limited to what photos I could use. To avoid this for future reference, I need to plan ahead, and make sure theres enough days to correct errors.  My editorial is nearly clear of faults, only one technical issue which was on the second page spread. This was due to an InDesign error, the scarf print in the back is a bit pixelated, but if I was to know this was how the file would of been printed I would of definitely tried to have more time to edit.