Victoria Cresswell – Final Video and Evaluation

October 11, 2017by victoriacresswellFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)NewsUncategorized

VIMEO LINK – I feel myself and Emily worked really well together to create this video. We equally distributed the responsibilities throughout the project and both shot the photographs and film together. We also worked rather well together as we are both rather organised and know how to communicate well with each other that we bounce off each other proffesionaly. I feel our video turned out rather professional and I feel looks rather similar to that of a high quality advert. Both myself and Emily have gained a great deal of experience working with the client and it has given me a great insight in to how the professional world of photography works. Myself and Emily worked well to edit the photographs and video. For the photographs, we added colour balance which enhanced the warm tones in the photographs. We also enhanced the vibrancy and airbrushed the models skin. For the video we added effects on top of the footage to make it look as if it was shot on an old film camera. I Thought this effect would suit the theme of this video as it added a ‘vintage’ look. We added light leaks and flickers to the screen. The light leaks added a warm tone to the footage which made the shots look ‘homely’ and country. When it came to our editorial, we experimented with a range of different sized photographs that would create variety throughout the double page spreads. We included the strongest photographs in the editorial to make it look the most professional. We first added text to the editorial, however this did not look as put together as we had hoped, so by removing the text we could have an 8  page editorial that looked professional and put together. Throughout this project, myself and Emily had a few challenges the face which included, arranging the photographs on the editorial making sure we chose the most high quality images and arranging the footage in the correct order on our video to make it flow. We also had the challenge of working with horses. This was a great opportunity for myself and Emily as it gave us an insight in to how to professionally and safely arrange a shoot that involved animals so everyone was safe. The fact that we worked with horses gave us experience working with animals and I learnt that Horses are rather temperamental and don’t always want to be in front of the camera. This then required us to be rather patient with the horses and make sure we took our time as we could agitate the animals and make them uncomfortable which is what we did not want to do. Here are some final photos: day2photo2 scarfimage13 day2photo8 scarfimage7 day2photo9 day2photo1   Here is mine and Emily’s official video for Hermès.